About Us

Moon Custom Cabinetry was born in 2009 when I, Jonathan Portnoy, finally got tired of carrying around my Sundown Artist 1x12 combo that I always plugged into a Marshall 4x12 anyway.

I built a headshell for it in my back yard armed with just a jigsaw and a head full of New Yankee Workshop episodes. It came out really good for my first attempt at anything like that.

Now it was making my beat up Marshall cabinet look even worse than it already did.

So I stripped the tolex off, replaced the grille cloth, got a new Marshall logo and basically refinished it from the ground up

I found out that I really enjoy this type of work. I built a couple of speaker cabs and refinished a few more, and my friends started to take notice. I got an idea from a company called Salvage Customs to use vintage suitcases as cases for pedalboards. My idea though, was to mount the pedalboard into the suitcase itself instead of just having it live in there while not in use. I built a prototype and ended up gigging with it pretty extensively for a couple years. I've since made about 30 more suitcase pedalboards and they remain one of my favorite things to build. Friends started asking me if I could build things for them - pedalboards, amp headshells, cabinets, etc and I realized that I can start charging money for this stuff. Although this remains my side hustle, the operation has grown from my back patio, to the whole garage, to currently a 1250 sqft shop. My passion for the work goes into everything I build. I may not be the quickest or the fanciest, but nothing leaves my shop that I wouldn't be 100% proud of using onstage myself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my build take? 

It depends on a few factors. Some builds are more complicated than others. It also depends on how many orders I currently have in the queue. 3-4 months is generally a good estimate, however please reach out via the Contact Us form, and I can give a more current lead time estimate. I try to give regular updates as much as possible.

Why "Moon"?

 Moon Custom Cabinetry is named after my daughter, Kaelin Moon.

Can I pick up my item instead of paying for shipping? 

Sure. When you place your order just indicate local pickup. The shop is located in Tempe, AZ near Tempe Marketplace. When your order is ready, we can coordinate.

Do you offer financing?

Yes we offer financing through Affirm. Click here for more info.

Will you make me a desk/table/nightstand?


Will you make me a [something musical instrument related that's not listed on the site]?

Probably. If you have an idea for something, please fill out the Contact Us form and we'll figure it out.